Friday, April 13, 2007

Full Confidence

I just heard on NPR that Paul "Let's invade Iraq" Wolfowitz, Head of the World Bank and one of the Bushites, is being investigated by his Board and may be removed from his position. The thing that caused me pause was the spokesperson for Bush saying, "The President has full confidence in Mr. Wolfowitz...."

Haven't we been here before? Didn't Bush have "full confidence" in Donald Rumsfeld? Doesn't he have "full confidence in Dick "Sharpshooter" Cheney and in Alberto "Fire 'Em" Gonzales? Isn't the fact that George W. Bush has "full confidence" in these guys the clearest possible indication that they are incompetent and dangerous?

While I fully agree that Wolfowitz should get canned for using his position to take care of his girlfriend, and Gonzales should be fired for politicizing the "Justice" Department, what I want to know is why these guys weren't removed for sheer incompetence years ago?