Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Wasting Utah

Well, the Senate voted to support the Republican House today and declare Nevada's "Yucca Mountain" to be the country's permanent nuclear waste repository. Of course, Utah's 2 Senators, Hatch and Bennett, voted in favor of transporting the nations's nuclear waste through Utah neighborhoods on trucks on their way to Nevada. The ludicrous thing is that they both claim that they voted for the Nevada site because it made the storage of Nuclear waste in Utah's Skull Valley (upwind form Salt Lake City) LESS likely. This is a joke because the Nevada site will be ready in 2010, at the earliest, while the Utah site will be ready in about 2 years. Is it that hard to guess where the Nuclear waste will be going "temporarily" for at least a decade?

Corporate Irresponsibility

I just heard on NBC-TV news that G.W.Bush is going to get tougher on corporate wrongdoing. The picture of him standing in front of a backdrop that said "Corporate Responsibility" made me laugh and laugh and laugh...
I'm sure we will all feel much safer now that the foxes are going to watch the henhouse even more closely!
In the meantime, more information is coming out about Bush's insider trading while he was on the Board of Harken Energy. You can read more about it at The Daily Enron web site created by the group American Family Voices