Sunday, February 22, 2004

This Tuesday is the Utah Democratic Presidential Primary election. Thanks to his savaging by FOX and CNN (see what really occured on that caucus night ), Howard Dean is out of the race. However, thanks to his inability to pose as a Democrat, Joe Leiberman is also out of the race. We Democrats seem intent on nominating the "safe" candidate, John Kerry.

My cynical, conspiracy-believing, side, thinks the Bush team wanted to run against Kerry all along. They SAID they wanted to run against Dean because he is SUPPOSEDLY an "out of touch" liberal. However, one must remember that the Bush team is a bunch of pathological liars. I thnk Dean's populist appeal scared them big time. Kerry will let them repeat the race against Michael Dukakis: Massachusetts, Kennedy-connected, big spending, pro-gay, pro-abortion, "liberal."

Then consider the big money folks (the secret combinations!). Bush was fun for them and gave them many treats, but ultimately he is too stupid and incompetent to be President and the country is starting to wise up to the fact. They would have to steal more than Florida this time to keep him in office. If a Democrat should actually become President, and if it can't be "Insurance Company Shill" Leiberman, then whom would they select? How about a big money Washington insider, like Kerrry who knows the game and who can shift liberal/conservative as it suits his political advantage? At least he isn't as likely to shake things up as those "outsiders."

At this point, the best hope for real change is John Edwards. He will get my vote this week. If he can take a few of the small states this week, it will help set him up for Super Tuesday.